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Cinemar Trafaria

Done as  Collectif Etc.
With EDA-GatoMorto,
Supported by Institut Français.
Trafaria, Portugal, 2018.

In Ovtober 2018, the Collectif Etc has been invited in Trafaria, small village in front of Lisboa (PT), by EDA – Oficina de Gato Morto, to design and build a mobile theatre.

The aim of this mobile device is to allow E-DA team to offer events around film screenings in, and around, the occupied and left-over prison. But also to be able able to take it elsewhere in case the municipality, which does not really support the occupation project, forced them to leave the premises.

We came to live in the prison for almost a fortnight. And for this workshop, we had to integrate many constraints: light structures, easily movable, able to adapt to various situations, offering multiple possible configurations, all for less than € 4,000 of materials and achievable in a few days. We therefore proposed a modular device, metal structure and seat in plywood panels, each element of which can be moved by a single person and whose shape and heights can allow a series of variations: banquet, theater, conference … And of course the cinema, initial request.

To see more details, you can read the post published by the Collectif Etc on its website  here.