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Cité Icotaf

With Gret, UrbaSEN, UrbaMonde and Transitec
Supported by Agence Française de Développement,
and part of the Pépinière Urbaine de Dakar.

Pikine, Senegal, 2021.

This is part of a larger project called “Pépinière Urbaine Dakar” supported by AFD. This program revolved around innovative public spaces linked to the two main transport projects underway in this African capital: a TER –Train Express Regional, and a BRT-Bus Rapid Transit.

Here is the second space we worked on, after « Mbar mi » in Rufisque. Again with our « Penc’mobile » and with a scale model of the neigborough, we organised several workshop, first to define the program, then to decide about the design. We used local ressources, as the rocks for the benchs, used as less as possible of concrete, and thinked to the dismanteling of all the space. Like in Rufisque, we tried to maximize local or largely available materials as Earth Compressed Bricks for the furniture or re-uses tires, and use reversible material as for the steel structure and all the pavings. We also worked with independent craftsmen in place of large companies. We implemented a solar water pomp to take care of the planty spaces, and ordered to local arstists for an pedagogical wall painting. And at the end, we supported the establishment of a management committee to take care of the place.