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Gang of Montréal

Done as  Collectif Etc.
With ADUQ and We/Art.
Montréal, Canada, 2016.

In july 2016, we have been invited by ADUQ and We/Art in Montréal to design and build a workshop house, in front of the Wellington Tower.
The aims was to imagine a modular and removable place which can be used to organize multiple public uses, as talks or events. For two weeks, we collaborated with Collectif ALLLYL’ABRI, ÉCHARDÉS et Collectif L’ESPÈCE. 
To leave a place to everyone in the design process, we worked on a constructive matrix, based on a regular squared steel frame, filled by wooden elements, design and build on a same movement. 

To see more details, you can read the post published by the Collectif Etc on its website  here.