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Dakar rencontre Ouaga

Radio Pépit’,
la radio de la capit’.
Produced by AFD and Gret, UrbaMonde, UrbaSEN & Cabanon Vertical.
Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, 2021.


In February 2021, as a member of the Pépinière Urbaine Dakar, we travelled to Burkina Faso to meet our counterparts working in Ouagadougou. This peer-to-peer dialogue was an opportunity to carry out this podcast, and thus to lay the foundations for a future series called « Radio Pépit »‘. For that, we have imagined the structure then carried out all the recording and the sound design on the ground to initiate this program. Others will follow, made by others.

EP01 : « Dakar rencontre Ouaga »

EP02 : « Ouaga rencontre Abidjan »

For this second ep, we have been in charge of reajusting the mix and doing all the post-prod effects.