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ReUse Dakar

With Basurama
Supported by AECID, Tragsa et la Ville de Dakar.
Dakar, Senegal, 2023.

From July to November 2023, we backed the Madrid-based Basurama collective as part of a cooperation project with the City of Dakar, mandated by Grupo Traga and the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID)
The aim was to enhance the value of the City of Dakar’s own resources, by proposing functional and playful street furniture, while training city employees in these re-use methods.
The project was implemented in two phases. The first was in August, to identify resources. We chose to work with a large stock of old street lamps stored in various locations around the city.
The second stage consisted in implementing the training session for some fifteen technical staff: the aim was to go as far as producing a prototype, which we then installed in the garden of Dakar’s city hall. The result was a curious piece of street furniture made of folded lampposts, with three suspended swings.
As there are a number of formal variations, the next step could be to select a number of public spaces on the basis of which a community commitment would enable us to collectively define a need, and then support the deployment of technical agents to implement these local micro-equipments.