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With Gret, UrbaSEN, UrbaMonde and Transitec
Supported by Agence Française de Développement,
and part of the Pépinière Urbaine de Dakar.

Senegal, 2021.

This is part of a larger project called “Pépinière Urbaine Dakar”, supported by AFD and lead by Gret. This program revolved around innovative public spaces linked to the two main transport projects underway in this African capital: a TER –Train Express Regional, and a BRT-Bus Rapid Transit.

If the first tool we developed to reach local communities is the Penc’Mobile, the second one is the « Sentoukay ». In wolof, this mean « street observatory ». It is a way of putting people in a situation of unusual description of their everyday spaces. With this triptic, you can « hear » the street, « look it from higher » and « look at details ». And, that is the main purpose for us, to provide us new types of informations and desires about their close environment.